29 March 2010

Boyle's Law

This stamp is part of a set of 10, released by the Royal Mail on 25 February 2010, to commemorate the Royal Society. Well, the long-haired guy on the stamp is Robert Boyle, who discovered Boyle's Law, which is so important to understand for scuba divers. This is the scientific phenomenon that requires us divers to wear weights and an inflatable device (the buoyancy jacket, mate), and for us not to hold our breath when using scuba equipment underwater.

Robert Boyle was also featured on an Irish stamp released in 1981.

27 March 2010

Cayman Islands 2009 Christmas

Released on 22 October, the Cayman Islands 2009 Christmas stamps reprised the stamps issued in 1997, showing Santa Claus enjoying himself in the tropics, with scuba diving, golf, and lazing in a hammock by the beach. This one, with the highest denomination of $1.00 shows Santa scuba diving with a buddy, hovering above a stingray.

Liechtenstein 2010 Water Rescue

On 1st March 2010, Liechtenstein Post issued a set of 2 stamps for the 3rd series of the Voluntary Civil Protection Work featuring mountain rescue and water rescue. The sheet shown here is for the water rescue stamp, the bottom left half of the stamp shows scuba divers conducting a search, while the top right half shows 3 divers conducting rescue work, one of them towing a rubber raft containing a victim securely tied down. Water rescue service in this country is rendered by the rescue specialists of the "Bubbles" diving club, the work include search and rescue of missing persons, salvage and cleaning of groundwater wells.