20 June 2010

Australia 2010 Reef Fishes

In anticipation of a rise in basic postage from 55 cents to 60 cents, Australian Post is issuing the first part of reef fishes issue on 21 June 2010. This first part comprises 4 stamps featuring the regal angelfish, the spotted sweetlips, the clown triggerfish and the golden damsel. The cover of the booklet with 10 self-adhesive stamps features the silhouette of a scuba diver shining a torch. The cover of the chequebook with 200 stamps also features the same silhouette.

08 June 2010

Vanuatu 2010 Shanghai Expo

For the World Expo Shanghai 2010, Vanuatu Post issued a self-adhesive souvenir sheet with 4 stamps on 30 April. The 40 vatu stamp featuring the dugongs of Epi has a snorkel diver in the background, probably a tourist who has come to enjoy the close proximity with the dugong.