09 June 2011

French Polynesia 2011 Spearfishing

French Polynesia is releasing on 22 June 2011 a set of 2 stamps on the theme of fishing. The stamp shown above features spearfishing with a sling spear, donning only snorkelling gear, as it should be for spearfishing sport. The other stamp, not shown here, features fishing with a rod in a boat.

07 June 2011

Perhyn 2011 Pearls

Perhyn, or the northern atoll of the Cook Islands, has issued 2 souvenir sheets on 5 May 2011 featuring the pearl industry. Much of the manual work in maintaining the pearl farms are done by men donning snorkelling gear as depicted in the souvenir sheets. The main creature featured in this issue is the pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera).