26 September 2011

Mayotte 2011 101st Department of France

Mayotte issued on 19 September 2011 a single stamp celebrating the island as the 101st Department of France (or administrative division of France). The stamp design consists of a child drawing of the map of the island of Mayotte surrounded by the ocean filled with marine fauna; and swimming among the marine creatures, that include seahorse, octopus, ray, turtles, fish, whales, is a man in wetsuit and snorkelling gear.

Mayotte 2011 Scuba diving

Mayotte, an island in the Comoro archipelago under french administration, issued on 4 July 2011 a single stamp on the theme of scuba diving (La plongée sous-marine). The stamp design features 3 scuba divers hovering over the edge of a coral reef. Hopefully modern day divers do not dive the same way as these ones shown on the stamp, with all the hoses for the octopus and the gauges hanging out freely, ready to snag on to the coral, and probably damaging the coral!