30 September 2012

Australia 2012 Road Trip - Dive Flag

On examining the cover of the stamp booklet of the Australia 2012 Road Trip issue, I realized that one of the stickers crowding the back of the vehicle is a dive flag - on the right side of the rear window. I managed to locate it on the stamp too, but it was not easy to see it properly, as the rectangular flag is slightly distorted.

24 September 2012

Luxembourg 2012 Scuba diving

For their 2012 edition of "Fun & Liberty" issue, the Luxembourg Post Office released on 25 September 2012, two stamps on the theme high up in the air and down underwater - paragliding and scuba diving. The scuba diving stamp shows the view of an ascending scuba diver from the seabed.
The stamp comes in sheetlets of 5, where the sheetlet selvage is decorated with the same scenery.

20 September 2012

Australia 2012 Road Trip - The Great Barrier Reef

Released on 18 September 2012, the Road Trip issue comprises 5 stamps, the one that features "The Great Barrier Reef" has a set of mask and snorkel at the bottom left corner of the design. The same set of stamps is reprised in a miniature sheet, and the 3 60-cent stamps, that include the Great Barrier Reef one, are available as self-adhesives in a stamp booklet.