14 January 2013

Malaysia 2013 Snorkelling among turtles on SetemKu stamp

Malaysia Pos released on 18 January the last of a series of 5 SetemKu, that can be translated literally as MyStamp, sheets with the theme based on a pair of home-produced animated characters, Upin & Ipin. The picture on the image label of one of the stamp-label pair in the SetemKu sheet features a snorkeller swimming underwater among turtles.

05 January 2013

Cayman Islands 2012 Marine life definitive with scuba diver

Cayman Islands released a new set of definitive stamps with marine life theme on 9 October 2012. The $2 stamp features a scuba diver hovering above a giant barrel sponge.

04 January 2013

Guinea 2011 Exotic Fishes

I missed writing about this souvenir sheet released for Republic of Guinea on 12 February 2011, with Exotic Fishes as its theme. An ascending scuba diver is located near the top right corner of the sheet selvage.

01 January 2013

Aruba 2012 Wrecks

Aruba issued a set of 10 stamps with the theme of underwater exploration on 15 November 2012, in a se-tenant block of 2 x 5 stamps. Five of the stamps feature marine fauna: orange cup coral, elkhorn coral, a stingray, a queen angelfish and a green turtle; the other five feature underwater wrecks: a Convair 400, the SS Antilla - a German freighter scuttled by its captain  to avoid confiscation when Germany attacked the Netherlands in May 1940, the Jane Sea - a 76-m cement carrier sunk in 1988, the Star Gerren - a 67-m tanker sunk in 2000, and the Kappel - a 51-foot steel boat sunk in 2009 and strategically located on the sandy sea floor next to the Mangel Halto reef at a shallow depth of about 16 metres for easy access by scuba divers. The stamp featuring the Kappel wreck include a scuba diver in its design.