21 June 2013

Egypt 2013 Scuba diving in the Sinai Peninsula area

This stamp, featuring a pair of scuba divers, is part of a se-tenant block of 4 issued by Egypt on 25 April 2013 on the Sinai Peninsula.

15 June 2013

Israel 2012 ATM Label - Coral Conservation

A new set of ATM stamps on the theme of marine conservation were released 17 April 2012. The set is available in 5 designs featuring various aspect of marine conservation including a few focusing on individual endangered marine creature, the design for coral conservation shows a scuba diver replanting coral with an underwater observatory in the background.

08 June 2013

Monaco 2013 Sharks

This souvenir sheet on the theme of Sharks - Beyond Misunderstanding is issued by Monaco on 8 June 2013. Each of the 4 stamps in the souvenir sheet features a shark accompanied by a free diver.