02 October 2014

France 2014 Holiday at the beach

France 2014 Holiday on the beach. This is a self-adhesive stamp taken from the "Holidays" stamp booklet released on 5 may 2014. It shows a lobster at a beach holding vacation paraphernalia that includes mask and fins.

31 August 2014

Bahamas 2013 Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF)

The Bahamas Post released, on 29 October 2013, these 4 pairs of stamps, each pair with a central vignette, all featuring underwater scenery of divers and underwater fauna - angelfish, turtle, grouper, dolphin and sharks - to mark the 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation, or BREEF in short. Founded by the late Sir Nicholas Nuttall in 1993, BREEF is a non-profit foundation that addresses ongoing concerns on the changing conditions of the Bahamian marine environment.The underwater images on the stamps were taken by BREEF, Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas, Sandy Voegeli, Grant Johnson, and Katie Grudecki.

28 July 2014

Russia 2014 Scuba Diving Hero

One of the heros featured in Russia's hero series of stamp issues is Andrei Rozhkov (1961-1998), who is the first person ever to successfully scuba dive the North Pole, and died during the same dive. This stamp was issued 21 February 2014.

Vanuatu 2013 Underwater Post Office 10th Anniversary

Vanuatu celebrated the 10th anniversary of their underwater post office on 11 December 2013 with a souvenir sheet featuring photos of the process of preparing the post office stand.

27 July 2014

Vanuatu 2013 Christmas

Vanuatu released a 4-stamp issue for Christmas on 6 November 2013. One of the stamps shows Santa Clause diving down to the underwater post office to send a letter to Mrs Clause at the North Pole. (Scott 1066)